The Best Idea Ever!

You remember that day.  The one when you had literally the best idea ever, and you got to the office knowing that everyone was going to love it and be as excited as you were to make it happen.

And, almost immediately, there were some folks who listed all the problems with it (how do they do that so fast?), and/or say “seriously that idea is the worst one ever”  or my personal favorite, ” we did that before (insert some vague history here) and it was the worst thing ever”.

There will be some who agree it is the best idea ever and then start talking about their own best idea ever and some who really just need to talk about this other thing (insert other thing) that is more important to them.

What went wrong?  Sadly, nothing.  But bringing a great idea to an actual thing is a long, long, long process.  And, along the way you need to love that process, embrace that process, and use that process to build group work, best thinking, and shared values. And, you need to open to the fact that what started as your best idea ever, will most likely not be “yours” at the end of the process.

Change, even small, needed, brilliant change, is hard.  Moving people in a new direction when they are used to their current direction (even  if it’s a bad direction, and they know it) can be a monumental task that takes time.

Don’t be afraid of sharing your best idea ever, just know, that most likely unless your idea becomes shared, meaning both the work to bring the idea to “the thing” and the credit  at the end of “who did it”, it may just stay an idea.



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