All services can be provided virtually or in person.

Strategic Planning

Yes, you need this.  

This process is what can bring your volunteers, staff, board, donors, program participants and community to the table to move your nonprofit forward. A strategic plan is only a plan, but remember what is most important is the process of developing one. It is a transformative process for all those who take part.

Every nonprofit benefits from a solid strategic plan that is used to guide work throughout the organization.  Our work together may include values, mission and vision review and revision, analysis of your internal and external strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, defining strategies, goals and objectives and roles, responsibilities, and timeframes.  

The right fit with a consultant can really impact your planning process.  I will bring to you solid experience, positive energy, objective analysis, and when most needed, some humor.  Together,  we can be brave and “call the questions”, model behaviors, and build a culture that leads to best practices and plan that “won’t sit on the office shelf”.

Executive Coaching

Using a coach is not a sign of failure or weakness, it is rather a clear indication that you want to be the best Executive Director you can.

How many times have you wished you could call someone who understood your job? Serving as an Executive Director is truly a singular position within a nonprofit.  I can help you build on your skills at management, board governance, fund development and community engagement.  I can share solid and trusted resources that will give you more tools to call upon when you need  them.

Meeting once or several times, whether you are a newly appointed executive director or new to the work, you will benefit from an objective resource who understands fully the joys and challenges of the position. 

Board Development

Great boards don’t just happen.

Board members are a gift to the nonprofit community.  Imagine taking on this role: trusting the group process, believing passionately in the mission, supporting fundraising efforts, and maintaining one’s governance role even at difficult times. Added to all this is the legally required duties of loyalty, care and obedience and it is a heady combination.

The truth is that great boards are developed over time.  Incremental change guided by best practices can transform a poorly working board into an amazing board.  

The understanding of the governance role of a board, whether your nonprofit is newly formed, or 100 years old, can always be enhanced.  And the good news is that there currently is a broad body of knowledge and best practices that can be incorporated today into your boards work.

Fund Development 

If only…….If only we had the right person. The right donor. The right mission. The right board members.  Then, then we’d be successful raising money.

Oh how we stay up at night thinking about the “if only’s”.  I am here to let you know you have the right people right now.  Maybe they need some information on what actually works best to raise funds today.  You have the right donors.  Maybe they need to asked for donations in a slightly different way. You have the right mission.  It’s yours, folks believe in it, you are helping people every day.  You have the right board members.  They joined the board wanting to support the mission, they might just need some enhanced understanding of their role. 

Now is the time to begin to ask how your nonprofit can leverage the strengths you currently have to build your fund development program.  And, it is the time, to learn about what can be added to enhance your good works.

Training for Nonprofit Staff and Volunteers

But there isn’t time for training, we have work to do!

Group training provides moments in time for you, your staff and board to hear new ways of thinking that can spark conversations that lead into planning for what could be.  

Current trainings offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Governance versus Management; Who is responsible for what?
  • Best Fundraising Tactics 
  • How to Develop Individual Donors
  • The Role of the Board in Fundraising
  • Values, Mission and Vision Review
  • Critical policies every nonprofit should have

 All trainings can be enhanced to respond to your needs.

Contact me and we can meet either by phone, in person or in a virtual meeting space for an initial conversation about your needs and goals.  I can then send you a proposal outlining a plan, timeframe, and cost.